Sunday, March 31, 2013


The neighborhood is a buzz, It's Gracie's birthday and everyone is invited, The party of the year...for sure...

Will is as proud as a peacock for planning this wonderful event for Grace, "I hope everyone behaves themselves, you know how Felipe can get"

 Felipe is a quirky bird in the neighborhood, such a hoot, Gracie says he should be an owl....

Jack lives next door and is just the nicest neighbor, always willing to share his nectar with anyone in need....he loves singing and dancing and will surely be a great addition to the party...

Karen is a party girl and has always enjoyed kicking up her heels and dancing the night away, there have been plenty of nights where she is out way too late...You can always hear Jack reeling her in "Karen do you know what time it is"....

 Ronald is always in the neighborhood, visiting and having a refreshing bath in the bird bath...

 Will can't decide which hat he will wear, I am sure Gracie will have something to say about that...right now he will be the lookout for the guests arriving...

 Rocky the squirrel is one of the most generous of the party goers, he has a lot and he gives a lot, he is always dressed to impress and he has a nice family that will come later...

I see Clarisa is lookin for another drink, when she drinks she forgets how to get home and always wants to spend the night....poor girl...


Thank you for visiting our neighborhood, please leave a message if you enjoyed the party, hope we didn't make too much noise....Good Night...


  1. OMG - what a party they had! Hope that Grace got a lot of nifty gifts.
    Maybe some special blend of bird seed.


  2. So fun! Love their hats and crowns. laurie

  3. Will and Gracie always have the best parties, you should have seen the neighborhood the next day, the neighborhood was a flutter of chit er chatter.....

  4. Your bird neighborhood totally made my day. My life has become very heavy these days and the view outside your window made me smile from the first picture to the last. I just ♥ed it.I wish I had that view to brighten my life everyday.

  5. Thanks for sharing the party with us. On Sundays FBOGT, we saw so many people having fun and enjoying themselves in your garden. The decor was perfect for comfort. Ah! those pillows looked devine to curl up in and around. Can't wait until the next special event.

  6. What a great story you invented here - thanks for the fun! We have a Will and Grace in our yard too - if we don't keep the feeder filled (it's not US, it's the dumb squirrels that THINK it's THEIR food!!) one of them, usually Grace, will land on the pool cage side and hang on and chirp and chirp as if to say Get a move on, human - we're hungry & the feeder is empty - AGAIN! Don't you just love them?!
    `Faith in FL

  7. hola preciosa que bonito post
    acabo de descubrir tu blogy mea encantado.te gustaria que nos siguieramos?te imbito a pasar por mi blog guapisima besitossss.

  8. LOOOOL! I thought this was so cute! I actually remember when we would visit and we'd be swimming in the pool and the birds would be squawking up on the powerline. You would tell us their conversations and we'd laugh and laugh. HAHAHA Glad they had such a cute little party.

  9. What a wonderful and whimsical post. I love it! I would love to see more.